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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Introduction to Python - By a dummy for a dummy

The python programming lanuage is sorta kinda...well...i have no idea...all i know is that:
  • It can be messy
  • It does not believe in brackets...instead program blocks are denoted by spaces...
  • It is a scripting language that is great for text manipulation
  • I have to teach other people how to use it...it pays well...and I have about less than a week...so...
Ok...So I'm starting off this series of tutorials for the absolute beginner...and if you haven't programmed in Python before great, coz we're in this together it seems...right lets get started:

Someone sent me these (apparently) useful links. Let's check them out :

This is the actual email...

(For those not aware of this: I started teaching the first year course
Data and Data Structures this week, and in anticipation of the switch
from Scheme to Python next year, I decided to use Python as the main
programming language in DDS.)

So, mostly for the benefit of those CS1 tutors not familiar with Python,
tomorrow I'm going to give a brief introduction to Python, aimed at
people who already have experience with one or more programming
languages. Other interested postgrads/staff very welcome to come too.

Time and place: 1215-1300, SH2143.

If you plan on coming, you might like to browse some of the following
sites in advance...

The "official" tutorial by Python's creator, Guido van Rossum.
A very brief intro aimed at people with programming experience.
"Dive Into Python is a Python book for experienced programmers"
(The book is freely available online at this site).
A longish, detailed, fascinating & authoritative comparison of
Python with Lisp. Certainly worth a look if you know Scheme well.
Oldish & limited, maybe skim if you are a Java programmer.


Hey look, I just changed the font....anyways... For now I guess a few hours of reading shouldn't be too bad.
That's all for now folks, may be tomorrow I can explanationize a few concrete tutorials and examples and throw some sample code and stuff...

By the way, if you have any links that may of some value/worth/tastyness, please reply to this post . Thanks

Text processing in python seems like a good place to start. Please purchase this book if you think that it will be useful.


  • Hi, is new to da python. I dont know it well cors i is vegeterian, so i dont it meat. But python know me well, cors it eat meat, and is meat. Da one time a pythom bite me, but i knw C and Java, so i used a few brackets(cors Python not like brackets) and is get away! Wooh. I is mess myself . Sheesh


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:45 AM  

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