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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Energy Barred

Good evening.

Why have you been coming to this blog? I mean, I know he's your tutor, but you really have to start growing some backbone. When he says "VISIT MY BLOG", with the air of Moses delivering another of his commandments, you just fall into line. It is about time you voiced your demand for better standards and shouted into the distinctly foul evening air of the labs, "MAKE ME". Soon he will be forced to capitulate in the face of superior numbers, leading to a better blog and a more service-oriented lab environment. A bright new dawn indeed.

Friends, students, and invited guinea pi.. er.. Guests, I hereby inaugurate the new, improved blog. Just like the ad campaign has shouted out from billboards, TV screens and newspapers, it's "Now with added Skull". For the record, that's me. Some of you may remember me from such well-received blockbusters as "BSc", and the highly anticipated but somewhat less well-attended sequels "BSc (Honours)" and "MSc", or you might recognise me from my award-winning role as "that dude hanging about doing pretty much nothing."

Those of you familiar with my previous work will no doubt already be aware that a dominant characteristic of mine is lethargy. I refer to this as "proactive recharging". A lot of people seem to decide that they will work now in order to allow for some relaxation later. I figure you should not procrastinate in terms of relaxation. If it must be done, do it now. This relaxation procrastination causes large losses in productivity in some vitally important areas of human endeavour, such as Game Playing, Blogging, Ambling and my personal favourite, Napping. We must stop this rot and make a valiant push, or at least a nonchalant slouch, towards the future.

But this lethargy does have its drawbacks, and it seems likely that you, poor readers, will bear the brunt of this cost. For I am unlikely to update with great frequency. And you have already experienced the loss that a blog devoid of my wisdom becomes. But if that is price of lethargy then I for one am willing to pay it.

Until next time,


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